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Cost of living in Hangzhou

Monthly budget: example

Total expenses in a month: 6000RMB (around 690 euros)

  • Rent: 3000 RMB (320€)
  • Transportation: If you choose mainly public transportation, 300RMB (32€)
  • Food: 1500 RMB (160€)
  • Books, photocopies…: 200RMB (21€)
  • Miscellaneous (insurances, council tax, clothing…): 1000RMB (106€)
  • Mobile Phone: sim-cards cost 50RMB (5.30€)*
  • Leisure: 300RMB (32€)

*Available in stores or kiosks

Public transportation

  • Taxi: the minimum fare for a taxi in Hangzhou is 10RMB (1.05€) for the first 3 km. Add 2RMB (0.20€) per km after the first 3 km, and 3RMB (0.3€) per km after 10 km. 
  • Bus: In Hangzhou, 278 bus lines are available. The price of a ticket is generally 1RMB (0.10€), and 3RMB (0.3€) to 5RMB (0.5€) for tourist bus.
  • The Hangzhou subway is also available.


Please refer to the housing section to get more info about where you will live while attending your classes in Hangzhou. 


In Hangzhou, you can enjoy the Zhejiang cuisine, which is one of the eight representative local cuisines in China.

You can have a lunch of 10RMB (1€) in a small restaurant and you can also find a 300 to 500RMB menu in a luxury one (32€-53€).
Count 20RMB-40RMB per ordinary meal (2.15€-4.30€).
A meal at a fast-food will cost you between 20 and 30 RMB (2.15€-3.2€).


  • A ticket to the cinema: around 90RMB (9.50€)
  • Museums in Hangzhou are free
  • A ticket to the theatre: between 100RMB to 800RMB (10.50€-85€)

Click here, to find out more about Hangzhou and its many activities. 

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