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Back to News 23/09/2015

Welcome new students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program!

The official opening ceremony of the Global Entrepreneurship Program took place on Thursday September 3rd 2015 on EMLYON’s European Campus, marking the start of the students’ journey in the program.

Just like every year, the Global Entrepreneurship Program welcomes students from many different countries, backgrounds and cultures which are core elements that make this program so unique! This year’s cohort is comprised of students from Beligum, China, France, Germany, India,  Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Morocco, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Uganda, and the United States.

During the opening ceremony, Rickie Moore, Program Director of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, presented the program and asked the students to introduce themselves and what they are expecting from the program. While their career ambitions span a large panel of ideas and possibilities, the students all share the same objective: build up their entrepreneurial skills on three different continents, share their thoughts with classmates who have the same passion for entrepreneurship and create a global network.

After the opening ceremony, the new cohort enjoyed team building activities including a yoga class and improve theater sessions before officially starting their classes. They also took part in a boot camp during the first week of their program during which they were tasked with creating a game for entrepreneurs.

Want to know more about the Global Entrepreneurship Program? Find out more here!

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