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A word from the Program Director...

Rickie MOORE (Ph.D.) 
Program Director 
emlyon business school

"Some people wonder what Entrepreneurship is. Entrepreneurship goes far beyond starting your own company. Entrepreneurship is about detecting and transforming opportunities and creating value for you, for firms and for whole communities. It is about seeing things that others do not see.

Being an entrepreneur means being creative, discovering new worlds, and having a mindset that makes you look beyond existing things and finding creative answers to present and future problems.  Having an entrepreneurial attitude makes you a leader in a world of followers.

In today’s global business environment, an entrepreneurial approach to doing business is key to the success of any manager in any organization, anywhere.  Firms hire managers who are capable of creating tangible value for their customers and for themselves, and value is only created when new and better ways of doing things are found.

This is why three of the world’s leading institutions in the field of entrepreneurship joined forces and developed a program to help you develop and refine these skills. Offered on three continents by emlyon business school (Europe), Pace University, Lubin School of Business (North America) and Zhejiang University’s School of Management (China), the Global Entrepreneurship Program provides you with the exceptional opportunity to benefit from the world’s best entrepreneurial teaching in three diverse global markets.

This program will help you develop the mindset you need to succeed anywhere in the world. It will help you awaken your entrepreneurial potential, which you will apply during the rest of your life.  Skills may become outdated, techniques will fade, but an entrepreneurial attitude will last your whole life, and will provide you with many rewards: you will lead change. That is the spirit of the GEP: entrepreneurial success."

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