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Back to News 05/06/2013

2nd runner-up prize for the EMLYON International MBA Team At EBPYC

After attending the annual Global Venture Labs Investment Competition in Austin, Texas from 2-5 May, the International MBA Team - 5DIAD Team – competed at the 2013 European Business Plan of the Year Competition (EBPYC), held in Athens, Greece on 31 May – 1 June 2013.

 EMLYON is proud and congratulates the EMLYON International MBA team for their performance at the 2013 EBPYC.  

With 11 teams competing, EMLYON was first selected for the finals on Friday 31 May, and went on to win 2nd runner-up  on Saturday 2 June. As a result, the team is coming home with bronze medals around their necks, a plaque for the trophy case at EMLYON and a check for 500€.

As the challenge got tougher both in terms of the work to be done and the pressure of the competition, the team maintained their motivation and investment, and they kept getting better and better… The long hours of investment have paid some dividends!

For Rickie Moore, Professor in Entrepreneurship and Business Plan competition supervisor "Attending an International Business Plan Competitions is a logical extension of our Entrepreneurship courses and philosophy, and represent another ideal experiential learning opportunity for our participants to pit their talents against their peers. Apart from being transformed by and learning from the exercise, our participants always return invigorated with first-hand experience on how to present to international venture capitalists, and with in-depth feedback on how to improve their projects. In addition, the competitions are also ideal international networking opportunities as they allow our participants to make new friends, to source new ideas and potential partners, and to develop their global network of business contacts."

This is the second time the EBPYC competition has been held in the birth place of the Olympics, and EMLYON has won prizes on both occasions.

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