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A Day Visit at the WTO and the UN in Geneva

As part of the International Business Regulatory Organisations courses, participants went on a one-day trip to Geneva to visit the United Nations Office and attend a conference at the World Trade Organisation headquarters. They also had the opportunity to discover the new Impact Hub Incubator in Geneva which was very inspiring for the future entrepreneurs participating in the MBA. The trip focuses on the strategic challenges and opportunities facing managers and entrepreneurs when they do business abroad as well on the context and regulatory environments in which they enter and operate.

"Visiting the WTO from within and meeting with key personnel was an enlightening experience. It gave me a practical overview of how this international regulatory organisation functions. Geneva is also a beautiful city, full of history and rich culture. To conclude, I would define this experience as incredibly insightful and memorable."

Shashwat Singh, India, 2013-2014 International MBA participant

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