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Frequently asked questions

  • How is this Master of Science distinct or different from other digital marketing and data science programmes?

A lot of training courses and Master’s programmes focus either on digital marketing or on creating big data experts. It is very rare to be able to combine these two aspects and benefit from a reciprocal and complete learning experience. To do this, specific expertise is required to be able to integrate the two disciplines into the syllabus, and to construct the educational approach and framework to help students choose their future career and professional environment.

This MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science allows students interested in digital marketing to become experts in the field while also gaining a sound understanding of data processing, while those that prefer to develop the data management aspect will be able to put into perspective the digital marketing dimension now ubiquitous in every business environment. We have been able to construct this programme with the help of our professors and partners, in particular businesses, creating a genuinely innovative programme perfectly aligned with the needs of companies and organisations, from startups to multinationals.

  • What legitimacy does emlyon business school have on the subject and as “the right place to be”?

Research works and the challenges shared with businesses show that the subject is central to the concerns and development of the current and future economy, with unlimited potential. emlyon business school has made the topic a key pillar of its strategy and for several years has implemented measures contributing to the monitoring and development of digital transformation in organisations.


  • How can I prepare to start the programme and understand the basics? Suggested material:

- Doctor Laurent Alexandre on Artificial Intelligence at the Senate Round Table of 19 January 2017
- Straight talk about big data, McKinsey Quarterly, 2016
- Making data analytics work for you—instead of the other way around, Gartner, 2016
- Leading Change in the Digital Marketing Transformation, Gartner, 2014
- The Rise of the Digital CMO, Gartner, 2014
- Hype Cycle for Digital Marketing, Gartner, 2013
Cap Gemini. “The Digital Talent Gap”. Sept 2013
- “The Talent Revolution in Digital Marketing”, Boston Consulting Group, Sept 2015

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