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Back to News 01/09/2016

MSc in International Hospitality Management: the Professional Immersion Module has now started!

August 30th marked the start of the Professional Immersion Module for some students of the Class of 2016-2018 of the MSc in International Hospitality Management.

This immersion module, addressed to students with no hospitality degree, is an introductory experience set up specifically to help students immerse themselves into the operations and culture of hospitality right from the start of the program.

The first day of the Professional Module started off with a welcome coffee at Institut Paul Bocuse followed by an introduction of the hospitality industry given by Jeffrey Catrett, Academic Director of Institut Paul Bocuse. Mr Catrett explained how this industry flourished and evolved over the past centuries and gave a presentation of Institut Paul Bocuse’s history. 

Joined by Eric Vogler, Head of the MSc in International Hospitality on behalf of emlyon business school, Mr. Catrett also took a moment to talk about how the ground-breaking partnership between Institut Paul Bocuse and emlyon business school came to light three years ago!

During the next few weeks, students attending this Professional Immersion Module will benefit from courses including Introduction to Service Technique, Introduction to Gastronomy & Kitchen Technique, Introduction to Wine & Beverage, Food and Beverage Management, Lodging Management, Introduction to the hospitality industry and Industry Culture. They will also benefit from company visits to Lyon’s Mama Shelter Hotel and Restaurant as well as to the Hôtel Fourvière located on top of the Roman amphitheaters in Lyon.

As mentioned by Mr. Catrett, the goals of the Professional Immersion Module are “orientation, acculturation, preparation and socialization”. As such, this module will enable students to not only familiarize themselves with the hospitality industry but also to get acquainted with one another.

On September 26


, the rest of this year’s MSc in International Hospitality Management cohort will join in for the common orientation week. This year’s cohort hails from many different countries including Belarus, Belgium, Burkina Faso, France, Peru, Rwanda, The United States, Tunisia and Vietnam.

We wish all students good luck for the Professional Immersion Module! 

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