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A Diploma Today, A Professional Network For Life

  • Institut Paul Bocuse Alumni Network

A robust network incorporating thousands of graduates across 78 countries, the Student and Alumni Network of Institut Paul Bocuse consolidates relations among graduates, students and the rest of the school community.  It multiplies occasions for encounter and exchange in order to create career opportunities and promote educational dialogue within the network.

The time spent at Institut Paul Bocuse give us the know-how and etiquette that make us what we are today. This strong bond continues to unite us in the great Institut Paul Bocuse family despite the years, the distances and the happenstances of life. That is what gives such special strength to our Student and Alumni network, bringing together all the generations that understand and help each other like close friends and family.” Anne-Laure Leuck, '98

  • emlyon business school forever alumni network

emlyon business school forever alumni network is a key alumni networking resource that goes beyond remaining in close contact with former classmates, graduates, and current students. As a graduate of the MSc in International Hospitality Management, you hold lifelong membership and will be given possibilities to expand your professional connections on a global level through a network made up of more than 29,000 alumni in 118 countries.

While building on the Careers Services Track which serves as an integral part of the program’s curriculum, emlyon business school forever alumni network offers you exclusive access to career development information. You will be given the chance to share your own personal experiences and career developments throughout your professional lives.

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