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MSc in International Hospitality Management

MSc in International Hospitality Management: The Pitch


Do we need a degree or professional experience in hospitality to apply?

Is a meal at Institut Paul Bocuse included in our tuition fees?


I have a degree from an American University, do I need to take an Enflish test to apply?

What do you mean by savoir-être in the hospitality industry?


Does this program allow us to specialize or is it more general?

What kind of degree will I get?


Do you help us in the process of applying for a 4-6 month internship anywhere?


We are expected to record a mandatory video for the online application. What does it include?

I'm an engineer, I'm passionate about luxury hotels and would like to change careers. Is this program suitable for me?

For entry requirements, what does it mean that our degree should be Bologna compliant?

How many students are accepted in each intake and what's the international diversity of the cohort?

What exactly do we study in Shanghai?

What kinds of projects are included?

What's the most important quality you are looking for in candidates?

Who are the teachers in the program?

Three Words Max

The Expert Question: Your program puts a lot of emphasis on Asian hospitality. How do Asian and Western hospitality differ?

MSc in International Hospitality Management: Conclusion

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