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Everything you've always wanted to know!

If you are still wondering if this programme is for you.... here are key answers that will help you decide.

MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: Programme

MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: The Pitch


How are both partner schools involved in the programme?

What's the difference between this programme and a general management or business degree?


Is student housing available through the school?

How essential is Mandarin is to work in luxury these days?


Is this programme only fashon focused?

Is there a dress code for class? Do we have to wear designer clothes?


What is your perspective on the luxury industry since entering the programme?

How international is the cohort?


How would you compare the New York and London tracks?

MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: Three Words Max


How do you prepare students for the competitive world of fashion and luxury?

What would you change about the programme if you could?


MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: Admissions


I missed the first application deadline for the tuition discount? Do you have other options for free waivers and tuition support?


What kind of bachelor's degree should I have?

What grade point average and TAGE MAGE score do you expect?


MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: Careers & Network


What luxury brands and companies does emlyon business school have relationships with?


What kind of jobs can we expect after graduating from the programme?

If we obtain a job contract at the end of the programme, can this replace the internship?


How does the school help us regarding placement?

How many graduates stay in Asia for work after getting their diploma?

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