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Back to News 29/06/2015

Arjit shares his experience of studying Asian luxury business in Shanghai

Arjit B., student of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing currently studying on EMLYON's Asian campus in Shanghai, gives his feedback on what he has learned so far about the Asian Luxury market:

“Shanghai as a city is quite welcoming and the luxury week, opening week of the programme, was really engaging as we had company visits and visits around Shanghai.


But the best part was the "Treasure Hunt" which made us visit almost 99.9% of the luxury shopping malls and stores present in Shanghai.

And as we had classes on the Asian business environment, we realized that the luxury market here is much bigger than what we thought and is growing fast. It will certainly be much bigger than the US and Europe markets combined in the next few years.

However, my favorite subject here is Luxury Brand Management as we actually get to know the luxury brands and how they work.

You also get valuable insights of this industry and it's an experience which helps you discover the innate luxury brand manager within you.

Last but not least, we have to do an In-Company Project. I'm currently working with 'Club Med' which is truly interesting as we have to research the scope of their future expansion in China. It’s totally a hands-on experience which definitely gives you a glimpse of the real business world."

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