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Meet companies on emlyon business school's campuses

About 200 companies visit emlyon business school each year and provide students with continuous access to the business community.

Expert PanelsConferences and Company Visits are only a few of the occasions during which you will be able to meet with high-profile executives and recruiting companies.


Type of Careers Events

  • Company visits and boutiques such as as Hermès, the silk manufacture Canova, Fabergé, Baume & Mercier, Maison Adler, the Patek Philippe Museum. These meetings serve as unique moments to discover a day in the life of a product manager, trade marketing manager, retail manager....

Students have also benefited from a special day in Paris called "One Day in Versailles" where the students learned about the luxury industry during the 18th century. On this special occasion, the whole cohort visited the Château de Versailles, The Trianon and its garden.

  • The Luxury Week where they meet high-end representatives of prestigious companies. During the last luxury week in Shanghai, the students met with experts from Shiang Xia Maison and John Paul Luxury Concierge Services. 
  • Conferences and Expert Panels where students can interact with high-end professionals who come to share their passion for the industry. This year’s cohort have met with François Bouyer, founder and CEO of BeThe1, a high quality recruitment consulting firm for middle & senior management in luxury, fashion, beauty & retail. 

emlyon business school previously welcomed Ferrari, Cartier, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Kering, L’Oréal, Beauté Prestige International, Tag Heuer, LVMH, Puig, and many other international organisations within the luxury field.

Student testimonials on conferences:

Feedback of Kevin S., current student of the programme and Project Management Assistant at Takasago, on the conferences given by Delphine Vitry, Partner and Founder of MADnetwork, and Anne Debard, expert in French etiquette, hospitality management, commerce and Luxury sectors:

"Mrs Vitry's vision of the luxury retail market was particularly astounding and relevant. Not only did she share her enthusiasm for luxury, but she also shared her passion for retail and merchandising, which are areas that can sometimes be left aside by companies when they actually need them most. Her intervention was highly insightful, and from what I've discussed with other students, it gave us something to reflect on for a long time."

"Conducting business in the luxury industry requires a knowledge that goes beyond what we could possibly learn in books or traditional classes; there are implicit rules that you might discover throughout your career. But being aware of them very early in the programme thanks to a hands-on workshop [like Anne Debard’s conference] enables you to quickly understand the specificities of the industry and its "do's" and "don'ts"."

Feedback of Yu H., current student of the programme and Corporate Communication Intern at Reuters, on the conference given by Delphine Vitry, Partner and Founder of MADnetwork:
"I Love her! She is charming and professional. She really understands how this retail business should be run and what she is talking about. I would love to talk to her again about retail business in Luxury to gain more ideas about this industry."

  • Special events with LVMH: LVMH Day and LVMH Inside during which students will enter the very privilege world of LVMH, build their network and visit the Vuitton Foundation. 
  • Other Careers Events on-campus:

Finance Careers Days: This specific event taking place in October allows students wanting to work in the auditing, consulting, banking and insurance sectors to meet with various companies, experts and recruiters in order to conduct interviews, attend information sessions and view company presentations. 

Vocation days: Round tables and mock interviews with companies coming from the marketing, consulting, corporate finance and business development sectors. 

Jobs to Change the World: A specific one day event during which students discover different career opportunities related to corporate social responsibility. From large corporations wanting to integrate social responsibility into their business models to up and coming start-ups, students will meet a wide range of representatives specialized in this area.

“Career talks by…” & “Learning from alumni”: Hear about internship and job opportunities from companies and emlyon business school alumni. 

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