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The Programme: learning & experiencing

Experience to build the right Skills

At emlyon business school, we believe that the key to the success of any manager in any organization today is having the right entrepreneurial mind-set. You need to know how to create from within, assess opportunities and risks, and rally the necessary resources to make things happen. The program's focus on entrepreneurship will help you develop these behavioural skills you will be able to use throughout your entire career. Classes, seminars, projects and various student initiatives will appeal to your creativity and your ability to take an idea and translate it into tangible value for the organisation you choose to work for.

Acquiring Knowledge & Building Skills

It is not for nothing that the Financial Times ranked emlyon business school number 20 in the world. As a student of the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole, you will have access to the knowledge and expertise of over 100+ internationally renowned faculty members. In addition, permanent faculty members are supported by close to 500 industry experts and visiting faculty from the world over, as well as by various industry experts that will share their experience with you. The 4-month semesters in which you will follow your classes are complemented by the two six-week Summer and Winter Sessions in which a more hands-on and seminar-based teaching methodology is implemented to help you build behavioural skills.

The Entrepreneurial Business Project

Right in the first semester upon your arrival in the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole, you will work on the Entrepreneurial Business Project, creating a virtual company from scratch. You and your team members will manage the entire entrepreneurial process, turning your idea into a business plan, and reaching out to the business world to get their feedback. A team of faculty members will accompany you in this project, providing both the support and the guidance you need to make your project a success.
Working on the Entrepreneurial Business Project helps you gain first-hand experience in turning an idea into tangible value, and will help you develop the entrepreneurial mind-set that is key to your future success.

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