An International Experience Beyond Studying Abroad

In addition to the international experience that studying in Lyon, The Alps and Shanghai offers, you will join a cohort with students from multiple different nationalities. EMLYON’s 2,800 strong student body counts over 80 different nationalities and this diversity is one of the things students appreciate the most. After all, learning is not restricted to faculty only and as you will work on different team-run projects, you will see that sharing a classroom with students from all over the world will help you develop a global mindset.

"Sports Management? Europe? That seemed a crazy idea to everyone back home in India. Yet, I made the decision to pursue my passion, Sports. Right from Day One, I knew I would be having a great time. It was the start of a true international experience with 12 students from 6 different countries all bound with passion for sports." - Kranthi Musunuru, Programme Graduate 2012-2014

"Doing a master course abroad brings you delightful moments such as meeting new people from all over the world, living in a different country for a while, travelling and engaging with the local community in which you are living and other moments that matter and differ from person to person. Those good points were exactly the ones that drove my attention to this MSc in Sports Industry Management."  - Caio Franco, Programme Graduate 2012-2014 

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Webinar - January 8th 2015: Discover the MSc in Sports Industry Management!

Meet Pascal Aymar, MSc in Sports Industry Management Programme Director who will tell you everything...

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