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Student Life : Paris, the Alps and Shanghai

Paris: an enticing European metropolis

Known internationally as one of the top luxury capitals in the world, Paris is also the cornerstone of culture, literature, arts and design where tradition and modernity merge together to create the city's authenticity, prestige and excellence.

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Paris, France’s economic hotbed

Paris was founded in the 3rd century by the Celtics who named the city Parisii and has been, since the 12th century, a very rich and affluent trading center.


Paris, a cultural gold mine

Thanks to a long and prosperous history dating back to the first few centuries, Paris is one of the world’s most important cultural centers.


Paris, both traditional and modern

When walking through Paris, you’ll be able to sense its history thanks to the Haussmann architecture, the narrow streets paved with cobble stones etc. However Paris is also a hotspot for shopping with unique shopping centers such as The Galeries Lafayette located on Paris’ famous Boulevard Haussmann or small boutiques located in the Marais, well-known for its arts galleries and vintage shops. With its many cafés, bistros and world-renowned restaurants such La Tour d’Argent, France’s capital city is also highly famous for its exquisite cuisine.

Paris, at the heart of the sports industry

With popular sports clubs including the Paris Saint-Germain football club or the French rugby union Stade Français, Paris is at the center stage of France’s sports arena.


Housing in Paris

When living in Paris, you will have to find an apartment on your own. 

In order to help you find accommodation in Paris here are some housing websites which can be useful:

We also have some housing partners :

  • Studapart network
  • Housing Anywhere
  • LivinFrance (for internationals students)
  • Foyer de Reuilly (for young women only – from 17 to 25 y.o)

emlyon business school also benefit from a partner who can offer internationals a rent garanty service : garantme.

You will be able to get more information about our partners once you are enrolled.

Tip: to help you understand how to search for an apartment in Paris and what the process of renting an apartment in Paris entails please click here.  

Shanghai, an engaging city

One you arrive in Shanghai, you will immediately be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of this thriving city: its colours, its people, its culinary specialties and its futuristic skyscrapers and indigenous Shikumen houses will shake you to your very core. The sight-seeing activities and the endless possibilities of cultural endeavors will stun you!

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A thriving economy

Shanghai is one of China’s commercial and financial centers and was ranked #5 by the 2011 edition of the Global Financial Centres Index published by the City of London.


The top “must do” activities in Shanghai
  • Shanghai Huangpu River Night Cruise
  • Xintiandi, Shanghai Circus World: a car-free shopping and entertainment area in Shanghai
  • The Bund: an area with dozens of historical buildings and bordering the Huangpu River
  • Yuyuan Garden, once considered as the “top beauty in Southeast China”


Housing in Shanghai

It’s quite easy to find an apartment in Shanghai because there are many real estate agents in this city. Generally emlyonbusiness school students find flats by themselves and they share an apartment with their classmates. The average monthly rental fees are 2000-4000RMB/person (213€-426€), depending on the apartment’s location and status. Generally the apartments are equipped with furniture and electrical appliance.

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