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About EMLYON Business School Professor Klaus Heine

Klaus Heine is Assistant Professor of Luxury Marketing at EMLYON Business School and his brilliant career makes him a high-end professional in the international luxury world. Before joining EMLYON, Klaus Heine worked as a researcher at TU Berlin. He is based on EMLYON Business School’s Asian Campus in Shanghai and specialises in luxury brand management and consumer behavior.

Professor Kleine was recently published in a special issue on luxury marketing of Marketing ZFP/Journal of Research and Management thanks to the paper “When do Consumers Indulge in Luxury? Emotional Certainty Signals When to Indulge to Regulate Affect” which he co-wrote. Among other reviews, Klaus Heine also wrote a piece about a new luxury text book which was published in the marketing journal
“Transfer -Werbeforschung & Praxis”.  Also, recent interviews of the industry expert were published in Profil, Luxury Estate, Luxus Wohnen, and Kurier Wien.

Furthermore, he was one of the conference chairmen and panel speakers of the Luxury Marketing China Summit of 2013 held in Beijing at the end of April and attended the Prestige Brands Forum which took place at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai. Professor Klaus Heine also got a spot on television as he did his first TV interview about luxury in China at n-tv (German television news channel).

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