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The Groupement des Chefs d’Entreprises du Québec, Special Guest of a dedicated Public Workshop

During the Public Workshops of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, the Groupement des Chefs d’Entreprise du Québec (Quebec Companies’ owners) will present the project "It is time to create prosperity, together”developed in conjunction with the 9 biggest financial institutions of Quebec and the government.
The Groupement des Chefs d’Entreprise du Québec comprises over 1,600 business leaders, including 300 young entrepreneurs. Members belong to one of more than 200 clubs that meet once a month, where they share their practices and know-how in order to improve their business practices. The Groupement was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Drummondville, Canada. It has members in New Brunswick, Belgium and Switzerland.
The speakers will be Claude Robichaud, President (2008-2010), Lisa Fecteau, Vice-President of the board, and Michel Bundock, Senior Vice-President and General Manager.
More information on http://www.world-entrepreneurship-forum.com/.

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