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Ambitious graduates from around the globe!

The programme welcomes recent graduates in Engineering, Mathematics, IT or Management, with a strong background in quantitative methods.

If you would like to have the contact details of the right person to help you with any questions regarding the program or the selection procedure, you can create your personal space and obtain full contact details on your emlyon business school dashboard.

  • Admission Process:

The 3rd selection session will close on April 24th 2017

Please note that the selection process for the 2017 intake will run until July.

An accelerated admission procedure has been put in place allowing you to know within 2 weeks if you are admitted to the 2017 intake.

  • Admission Requirements:

• Master’s degree
• Official Management Aptitude Test Score: GMAT/GRE/TAGE MAGE test score (optional) 
• English proficiency test score: TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS/Bulats or FCE, CAE, CPE

Click here to find more about the admission process.

Who should apply?

This programme is aimed at graduates from engineering schools and universities, who have a strong background in mathematics, computer science, physics, etc… and who are looking for a career in quantitative finance. It is also aimed at students in economics and administration as well as at Business School graduates, as long as they have completed scientific courses such as econometrics, economic forecasting and/or quantitative finance.

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