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The diploma prepares for a variety of quantitative finance jobs and particularly positions like:

  • Risk manager
  • Financial engineer: “Quant”
  • Derivatives trader
  • Asset manager
  • Fund manager, not only in banks but also in brokerage firms, insurance and financial service companies, and treasury departments of big industrial groups.
  • Consulting activities are also accessible, especially in the big specialist consultancy firms.

Applicants for the Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance share a strong desire to work in an international environment. This passion is mirrored in a programme designed to develop those skills that will be most useful for your future career. The Careers Services Department provides continual support in identifying your career goals and developing action plans to achieve them. The 'Professional Project' creates the ideal framework for you to work in small groups and analyse your own strengths and weaknesses, while expressing and validating your preferences towards the job environment. Wide-ranging co-operation with our global partner companies and the worldwide alumni network allows students to draw on a worldwide network of influential business contacts.

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