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Paris: an enticing European metropolis

Paris, France’s economic hotbed

Paris was founded in the 3rd century by the Celtics who named the city Parisii and has been, since the 12th century, a very rich and affluent trading center. 

Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. With its suburbs, the city is home to about 10 million inhabitants. The capital accounts for about 30% a France’s GDP and is the banking and financial capital of the country. 

Paris and its surroundings, including important business districts such La Défense, Neuilly-Sur-Seine and Levallois-Perret, is France’s leading region for economic activities. Over the years the economy of the city of Paris has shifted from industry to high-value-added services (finance and IT services) and high-tech manufacturing (electronics, optics, aerospace etc.). Today, the city is also home to the headquarters of 29 of the 31 French companies ranked in the Fortune Global 500 including the HQ of Total, BNP Paribas, Peugeot, EDF, Axa and CNP Assurances. 

Paris is also a major transport hub with two international airports located in the outskirts of Paris. The city’s metro system dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and serves 4.5 million passengers every day.



Housing in Paris

When living in Paris, you will have to find an apartment on your own. 

In order to help you find accommodation in Paris here are some housing websites which can be useful:

Tip: to help you understand how to search for an apartment in Paris and what the process of renting an apartment in Paris entails please click here

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