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Classes & Teaching Methods


The courses are taught by professors from emlyon business school and from other top higher education establishments as well as by professionals from the world of finance. What all these trainers have in common is their high technical level as demonstrated by their numerous publications in international reviews or their senior positions in the corporate world.

Contributors and programme committee members

  • François Quitard -Pinon, Ph.D, Mathematical statistics, Paris VI University, and Docteur d’Etat ès Sciences; Professor at Lyon 1 University; Professor affiliated to emlyon business school; Former professor at the Cachan Ecole Normale Supérieure, Director of the Specialised Programme in Quantitative Finance.
  • Loïc Belze, Ph.D, Finance, Dijon University; graduate of IEP Paris; Associate Professor at emlyon business school.
  • Marc Chesney, Ph.D, Economics, Geneva University; Professor at Zürich University; MSQF programme committee member.
  • Robert Kast, Docteur d’Etat ès Sciences Economiques; Research director at CNRS, LAMETA.
  • François Larmande, Ph.D, Economics, Ecole Polytechnique ; Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique; Assistant Professor at emlyon business school.
  • Bernard Laurent, Ph.D, Economics, Paris 1 University; Associate Professor at EMLYON; Associate researcher, St Edmond’s College, Cambridge University.
  • Olivier Le Courtois , Ph.D, Finance, Lyon 1 University; Alumnus, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon; HDR of Finance; Associate Professor at emlyon business school; CEFRA director.
  • François Le Grand, PH.D, Economics, EHESS and Paris School of Economics; Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique and of the ENSAE; Assistant Professor at emlyon business school.
  • Yannick Malevergne, Ph.D, Finance, Lyon 1 University; Alumnus, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon; Doctor HDR of Finance; University professor; Affiliate Professor at emlyon business school.
  • Pierre Manches, Alumnus, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon; Audit manager for exotic products at Société Générale.
  • Francesco Menoncin, Ph.D, Economics, Pavie University and PhD, Louvain Catholic University; Associate Professor at Brescia University.
  • Georges de Nemeskeri-Kis, M.Sc., London School of Economics; Course Manager at emlyon business school,
  • Gregory Perin, Trader soft commodities & agriculture, CALYON; MSQF programme committee member.
  • Christian Rabeau, Graduate of the Paris IEP; Administration manager, Axa Investment Managers; MSQF programme committee member.
  • Rivo RANDRIANARIVONY, Ph.D, Finance, Lyon 1 University; Research Engineer at emlyon business school.
  • Lorenz SCHNEIDER, Ph.D, Mathematics, Paris VI University, Quantitative Analyst, Dresdner Bank, London, Assistant Professor at emlyon business school.
  • Armelle Sciberas, Recruitment manager, CALYON; MSQF programme committee member.
  • Jacques Sikorav, Ph.D, Mathematics, Paris IX University; Alumnus, Ecole Normale Supérieure Saint-Cloud; Managing Director of BNP Paribas Fin’AMS; MSQF programme committee member.
  • Christophe Tymen, Ph.D, Mathematics, Ecole Polytechnique; Graduate of Ecole Polytechnique; Research director at Finoptech.


“In a self-financing and globalising economy, Asset Management like Finance in general offers growth prospects and job creation. A profound, intellectual training course together with practical company experience as offered by the Specialised Programme in “Quantitative Finance”, represent the best assets to succeed in getting into this still young but very demanding industry.“

Christian RABEAU
Administration Manager
Axa Investment Manager

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