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Career Management Workshops

To help you prepare your job and internship search

By providing you with a proven methodology, the opportunity to get to know yourself better through self-assessment tools, individual coaching, and useful tips and tricks, you will be better able to identify the internship or job that perfectly meets your career requirements. The workshops are very well perceived by the students and 100% of the cohort recommends them as they are "practical, very clear with many examples and provide useful insights and good tips."

Type of Workshops

You have access to the following workshops in order to study and recognise your job search expectations and discover your most effective research methods:

  • Professional Workshops

You become more familiar with specific professions that may interest you.

  • Coaching Workshops

You expand your knowledge on career basics and discuss various methods of preparation when meeting recruiters.

For example:

The students met with Catherine Joce, a high-end consultant for Workmaze who came to talk about “How to increase your impact during an interview”.

  • Personal Development Workshops

You become more familiar with the career path that suits you.

  • Individual Coaching Sessions

You boost your career search and preparation by attending individual coaching sessions. 

" The Careers Services were good (fairs, help, contacts) and I used them to improve my resume and get more interviews.”  Pierre Etienne M., Graduate, H&M as a Business Controller in Stockholm ( Internships done at L’Oréal Finland and Chanel Benelux).

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