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Specialise in Strategy at LMU or Corporate Finance at EMLYON

A truly multi-campus, multi-national experience, you acquire the fundamentals of management in your first year of the European Master in Management and then apply the theory to your chosen specialisation.

Students can choose to study Organisation, Change & Strategy at LMU, one of Germany’s elite universities and well known for its close cooperation with the corporate world, particularly in the consulting field. Putting you in the position of a decision maker right from the start, you will study the strategies that firms use to gain and sustain competitive advantage in their industries from some of Europe’s most experienced and successful strategy experts.

Alternatively, students can choose to specialise in Corporate Finance at EMLYON Business School. The institution features renowned financial research centres and expert faculty, and trains financial specialists in the methods used by today’s top financial institutions including capital markets, accounting, financial economics and control. Plus, there’s the opportunity to study finance at EMLYON’s Asian Campus in Shanghai, giving you a further international advantage to your CV. 

Discover more about the specialisations here.

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