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Over 500 students are involved in community projects each year at emlyon business school

The development of skills is not confined to the classroom and academic work. Throughout your schooling, you can take part in numerous projects and learn how to apply the contributions from different teachings and develop your personality... 
The lively community life on campus contributes to the development of your employability, by balancing team management, budget management, innovation capacity and commercial approach. It is just one of the ways of reinforcing the cohesion of the student community as well as a unique asset in the development of the students’ personality and skills.

30 student associations grouped into 6 centres:

Here are some examples of the student associations:

  • Bureau des Sports (BDS): manages the FNSU competitions (French Federation of University Sport), French university cups and championships.
  • Junior Conseil: develops consulting projects ranging from marketing to finance
  • Forum: gives its audience the chance to discuss different matters ( political, ecological etc...)
  • RadioActiv: animates the school radio 
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