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Up to 60% Guaranteed Scholarships from EMLYON

As a socially responsible organisation, EMLYON helps students finance their International MBA by offering guaranteed scholarships between 10% and 60% to qualifying students. If you are eligible for one of these scholarships, you will not be required to make a specific financial aid request – you will simply need to download the qualification certificate and attach it to your application.

To download the Scholarship Policy information, create your Personal Space or log into your EMLYON Dashboard.

Guaranteed Scholarships (ranging from 10-60%)

Excellence scholarships reward exceptional students who have achieved:

  • GMAT scores over 650

Diversity scholarships ensure a rich learning environment and are offered to:

  • The 3 first of each nationality
  • Executive women
  • Members of the military

International MBA gateway scholarships are granted in line with the programme’s specialisations:  

  • With a background in luxury (degree or experience)
  • With a background in life sciences (degree or experience)
  • With a background in a multinational enterprise (at least 2 years experience)

Entrepreneurial scholarships for students who have previously:

  • Launched a new venture
  • Taken over a firm
  • Been involved in their family business

Alumni recommendation for applicants that have been introduced by a member of EMLYON FOREVER alumni

Premier admissions sessions for candidates who apply before the end of December

  • A percentage tuition fee waiver will be given to candidates who apply in the premier admissions sessions

Applying for a Scholarship

To download the Scholarship Policy information, create your Personal Space or log into your EMLYON Dashboard.

EMLYON Business School is committed to investing in tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders by helping qualified students to further their education. Reductions in tuition fees can be offered through needs-based scholarships and may, in certain cases, be granted in addition to guaranteed scholarships. To find out how to apply for an individual scholarship, register on our site and download the Scholarship Policy here.

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