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International MBA participants raised money for cancer research and treatment

Center Leon Berard, expert and innovative research and treatment center for cancer diseases, received 520 € thanks to 2013 International MBA participants.

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What kind of entrepreneur are you?

Discover your entrepreneurial profile with this new mobile application!

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Welcome to the 2014 intake of the International MBA!

The new intake of the International MBA arrived on campus at the beginning of September and have now started classes on EMLYON’s European Campus in Lyon!

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World Entrepreneurship Forum coming up: Together, let us build a future with no limits

The 7th edition of the World Entrepreneurship Forum will take place from 19-22 October at Confluence, the eco-district that is home to innovative business. The theme: “Entrepreneurship 3:0 Unlimited Opportunities”

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Webinar on September 25th - Discover EMLYON's entrepreneurship programmes

Meet Philippe Silberzahn, associate professor at EMLYON Business School specialised in strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship, during a webinar dedicated to entrepreneurship and discover everything you need to know about EMLYON's entrepreneurial DNA!

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Grant Gudgel, 2009 International MBA graduate, shares his post-MBA experience

Grant Gudgel, an International MBA graduate from 2009 shares his experience: « EMLYON supported me in becoming an entrepreneur and allowed me to consider large-scale projects »

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Business Plan Competition – EMLYON wins E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge at the 2014 Global Venture Labs Investment Competition

A team of International MBA participants was invited to compete at the 2014 Global Venture Labs Investment Competition (formerly Moot Corp) in Austin, Texas. They won the E. Craig Nemec Elevator Challenge!

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Maintaining your EMLYON network can make a difference

Interested in the world of business, Catherine Siarri (EMLYON graduate Class of 2008), now Financial Controller for Guerlain Canada (LVMH Group), chose EMLYON because it offered a broad, well-balanced education. Today Catherine Siarri is very active within the EMLYON FOREVER network.

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International MBA participants from the Luxury specialisation visit Hermès

On March 13th, participants of the International MBA discovered the tradition of Lyon’s silk industry by visiting world-renowned Hermès’s silk printing facilities

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