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Starting The Programme In France

The first semester of the programme takes place in Lyon, France, on emlyon business school's European Campus.

Located in pleasant surroundings only 15 minutes from the centre of Lyon, emlyon business school's European Campus combines the advantages of a large metropolis with those of a campus in countryside-like surroundings.

Lyon-Ecully campus : virtual tour




Living in Lyon

Since the Renaissance, the banks of the two rivers, the Rhône and the Saône, that flow through the city, the Fourvière basilica that dominates the city centre, and the Old Lyon, are sights that make Lyon an extremely pleasant place to live in. Lyon is not only home to many of France’s large corporations which now operate worldwide; it also attracts many international firms and organisations. For centuries, the city has been a trading centre at the cross-roads between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean South. While its entrepreneurial culture dates back to the silk manufacturers in the early 19th century, its present dynamism is based on a diversified range of modern industries: energy, chemicals, vaccines, laser technology, etc...



Housing in Lyon: 

To accommodate the entire class, the students of the Global Entrepreneurship Program will be living in an on-campus residence called "Le Galion" and located only a few minutes away from the school and the classrooms. You will be provided with further details on the residential hall and pricing once admitted to the program.

Living in Hangzhou

The University of Zhejiang is located at the heart of the dynamic city of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province an important crossroad where culture, education and a strong economy based on light industry, agriculture and textile all meet to create an rich and diverse environment for students.



Housing in Hangzhou

Regarding housing in Zhejiang University, the students of the program will benefit from on-campus housing. You will be provided with further details during the course of the first few months of the program.

Living in New York City

As an intellectual, cultural and financial hub, New York City is the perfect city to live in for young and ambitious entrepreneurs craving for new opportunities as well as business and venture ideas.

Students will have opportunities to discover and experience both a very dynamic campus located just five minutes away from Wall Street, the World Trade Center or the Federal Bank of New York as well as live in one of world’s most vibrant cities.

Once they step out the university students can hop on the subway and start browsing the city!



Housing in New York City

Off-campus options (limited on-campus options subject to availability) should be arranged prior to arriving in New York City. More details will be provided during the first few months of the program.

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