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The luxury industry: a fascinating and booming sector across the globe

América Economía, a Latin American business publication, has recently published an article focusing on the luxury industry and featuring the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing and the Programme Director, Michel Phan.

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Lily shares her experience of studying Asian luxury business in Shanghai

Discover the tesitmonial of Lily F., student of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing currently studying on EMLYON's Asian campus in Shanghai.

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Maintaining your EMLYON network can make a difference

Interested in the world of business, Catherine Siarri (EMLYON graduate Class of 2008), now Financial Controller for Guerlain Canada (LVMH Group), chose EMLYON because it offered a broad, well-balanced education. Today Catherine Siarri is very active within the EMLYON FOREVER network.

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Students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing take part in In-Company Projects in Shanghai

Combining academic know-how with practical experience is essential for students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing. During their semester in Shanghai, students have the unique opportunity to take part in In-Company projects with three other classmates for a sponsor company in Shanghai, operating in the luxury industry.

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A dedicated “Luxury Week” in Asia

Before starting classes on EMLYON’s Asian Campus in Shanghai, the students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing benefit from a tailor-made “Luxury Week” where they meet and interact with high-end experts of luxury companies like Qeelin of world-renowned Kering Group and Centdegrés Design Company.

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MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing students meet with two EMLYON alumni working in the luxury industry

Students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing recently attended two industry-specific Expert Panels where had the chance to meet and learned from luxury industry experts including the Commercial and Packaging Director of Virojanglor and the Strategic Planner of International Flavors and Fragrances.

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MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing student gives feedback on the London Fashion Week!

While attending courses at London College of Fashion, the students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing had the great opportunity to take part in the 2014 London Fashion Week in February.

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The Asian Luxury Industry: a booming business environment you need to master

In an article published in the Korea Herald, Michel Phan, Director of the MSc in Lxuruy Management & Marketing, highlights why and how Asian Luxury Brands are now blooming and slowly taking over the Asian Market, setting aside world-renowned Western Luxury Firms such as Louis Vuitton or Christian Dior.

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EMLYON Spring Tour 2014: Meet Us Around the World!

EMLYON travels the world to meet you and discuss your career plans!

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Success Story of Florence Rollet, EMLYON graduate and Vice President for Europe at Tiffany and Co

Florence Rollet, EMLYON Business School graduate, has had a fast-moving career, managed with great pragmatism and unfailing enthusiasm, while accepting greater pressure as her responsibilities increased. Since June 2013, she has been based in London as Vice President for Europe for the group Tiffany and Co., the second largest global jewellery brand.

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