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The strength of leading European institutions

Today's globalised economy requires leaders who understand the complexity of working in international business environments and who are ready to challenge social and cultural boundaries to bring innovative solutions to current political, ethical and economical agendas. This is why emlyon business school (France), Munich School of Management (Germany) and Lancaster University Management School (The United Kingdom), European leading institutions in management education joined forces and created the MSc in Management - European Triple Degree. 

See above for detailed information about both institutions and their specific expertise: Corporate Finance at emlyon business school or Organisation, Change & Strategy at LMU or Corporate Development at LUMS.. 

“The MSc in Management - European Triple Degree offers a unique opportunity to leap into an environment that truly reflects today’s multi-cultural business world across two leading institutions in Europe’s two biggest economies. The student body represents this philosophy and clearly illustrates the benefits of global cooperation. I strongly believe in this approach and feel it is a perfect fit for someone like me, who has lived on 3 different continents and across 6 different countries.” Ken Cheng Hsiang C., Nicaragua, MSc in Management - European Triple Degree Graduate, Strategical Marketing and Business Analyst Specialist for Sodexo in Singapore.

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