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Triple Accreditation

Much more than ratings, which measure a perception of the various programmes using variable criteria and methodologies, at a given moment, the accreditation process, just like ISO9001 quality certification process, examines the educational approach of each college and includes a lengthy period of analysis. 

The 3 most important accreditations, AACSB, Equis and AMBA provide an evaluation of the relevance of what each establishment and set of programmes have to offer as well as their development plans.

emlyon business school was one of the first in Europe to become voluntarily involved in this process:

In 1998, emlyon business schoolobtained unconditional EQUIS European accreditation, which was renewed in 2003, and then in 2008,
In 2005, emlyon business schoolalso received AACSB American accreditation,
Finally, its International MBA and its Executive MBA were recognised by the AMBA (United Kingdom) in 2000, followed by the MSc in Management programme.

This triple accreditation, from which emlyon business school has benefited for several years, and on which only a small number of international establishments can pride themselves, proves of the long term educational efforts, resources and client orientation that emlyon business school can guarantee.

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