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Global Entrepreneurship Program: Sucess Story

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Originally from Belgium, I graduated from KU Leuven University with a master’s in finance after which I joined the Global Entrepreneurship Program (Class of 2009-2010). I’m a passionate business developer with expertise in Property Technology.
At the age of 20, while finishing my studies in Leuven, I co-founded Academics For Companies, a Junior Enterprise and student organization (NPO) providing consultancy to SME.
After finishing my studies, I started my own consultancy company and signed a first contract to develop the social software division of a small market research company - www.dialogfeed.com. About a year later, a second project, which I cofounded, was launched: www.carambla.com, a real-time marketplace for parking.

In the summer of 2013, I cofounded Lean Breweries CVBA, a software development boutique with the ambition to create disruptive property technology. A first product brought to the market was www.smartcheckups.com.

A couple of months after setting up shop with Lean Breweries, I joined Parkoffice Holding BVBA, a property services company, as non-executive Director.

2 years later, springtime 2015, a second product under the umbrella of Lean Breweries, www.rial.to was launched and transferred to a new London based Limited company, RLTO Ltd.

Today, I am Managing Partner of RIALTO.

Can you tell us more about RIALTO? How and when did you launch it?
Rialto (www.rial.to) is a fast growing technology company specializing in a marketing and collaboration software for the professional real estate industry, operating from the United Kingdom, Belgium and Singapore. End of last year, we raised funding from reputable industry investors and in the meantime count several large blue-chip companies as our clients.

Has the Global Entrepreneurship program help you get where you are professionally? And if so, how?
Definitely. The program helped me better understand the lifecycle of businesses and next decided I wanted to help build companies.

How did the Global Entrepreneurship Program help you develop your entrepreneurial skills?
Much different than any other MSc program, the Global Entrepreneurship Program immerses you in a vastly changing environment every couple of months. As group, you don’t undergo, but actively seek for opportunities, be it personally or professionally.

What advice would you give to the future students of Global Entrepreneurship program?
The program – locations, classes, students - are the backbone of what you will experience, but in the end, you write your own story. Take full advantage. Open your mind and start dreaming of building/growing your own venture!

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