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Back to News 04/04/2014

International MBA participants from the Luxury specialisation visit Hermès

On March 13th, participants of the International MBA discovered the tradition of Lyon’s silk industry by visiting world-renowned Hermès’s silk printing facilities. They observed the meticulous stages of making one of the iconic silk square scarves or “carrés” and realised how incredibly complex the printing process is as the average number of colors involved in a scarf is 26!

During the tour, they were guided by the Communications Manager, Mr. Kamel Hamadou who told them about the heritage and the savoir-faire of this luxury brand and explained the different stages from conception to the boutiques.    
Getting an insight into the making of hand-crafted luxury items with the skill that goes into their design and production are very useful to understand the specificities of luxury management.
“What amazed us is the discreetness of Hermès as a company, caring for values, loyalty of workers and the attention to details. One sentence will sum it up - after this experience, we appreciate Hermès scarves lot more! ” Daniela Bercek, Slovenia

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