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The 2016 Learning Trip in Finland

The International MBA Learning Trip is a chance for MBA participants to experience a business culture other than their own, or what they are traditionally familiar with. The 2016 International MBA class spent a week in Finland, between the cities of Oulu and Helsinki, exploring its management style through lectures at local universities, guest speakers from Finnish organisations and company visits.

What did the participants think about the Learning Trip ?
 Read Angy Lemaire’s testimonial, which will give you a taste of the true experience.

“Awesome”, this sums up my feelings of my experience during the Finland learning trip. Last February, when it is known to be snowy and a little bit cold in Nordic countries, we enjoyed a first seminar at Oulu Business School to explore the evolution and interaction of the Finish history and culture. From my personal French point of view, I could sense the cultural aspects that influence the way local business is done as well as the implications on company structure, organisation, and management style. Also while visiting Nokia Siemens Network, we benefited from their experience on cross cultural company merge: they once again demonstrated that while doing international business, understanding the culture and behavior biases of others is key for successful collaboration and partnerships.

After this initial icy experience, we enjoyed the capital city of Helsinki with a visit at the amazing Aalto University Design Factory followed by a seminar on innovation and marketing at the Hanken School of Economics. Retrospectively, this trip helped me to deeply understand what I enjoyed most during my own working experience in start-ups. The Finish culture, innovation and marketing spirit, are all amazingly linked to foster creation of new innovative companies on a scale that only the Silicon Valley has reproduced so far. Could we say that the start-up spirit is a Nordic-spirit?

Last but not least, while in Oulu mainly, with our cheerful school hosts, we had a great time driving skidoos and riding deers, walking on frozen lakes, making outdoor BBQ on ice, and for the most resourceful having a dip in icy water. Overall, what an amazing once-in-a- lifetime experience!

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