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What electives will you choose when you join the International MBA?

The International MBA participants are now in the process of choosing their elective courses and potential specialisations. This is the moment where they identify the skills and competencies that they need to develop in order to obtain their professional goals after the MBA.

The core courses at the beginning of the MBA let the participants explore a number of subjects before having to choose their electives. These courses occasionally awake a passion that the participants’ didn’t have the opportunity to discover before, as demonstrated by current American participant Daniel Ortiz:

“Before taking the New Venture class I thought I would not have any good business ideas nor did I think I would ever want to pursue starting a business. However, after the first class, I realized this was my opportunity to explore my personal interests and to take a chance on pursuing something without recourse.”

With over 50 electives and 7 specialisations to choose from, including entrepreneurship, luxury, life sciences and multi-national enterprise management, there are courses available for all different career goals as each of our participants is individual and has different objectives. It is this diversity of the participants that also creates the richness in the programme.

Some participants choose to specialise in a topic that they are personally passionate about such as Nyachia Knight, American graduate from 2O15

“Since graduation, I have created my own luxury events company and the combination of my specialisation in luxury with my past professional experience reminded me the importance of what the luxury industry entails.”

Other participants choose their electives in terms of practicality for their future career. Recent Lebanese/Canadian graduate Elie Maalouli chose International Strategy as his specialisation to prepare him for his job after graudation,

“My specialisation has given me the proper tools to be a Global Product Manager within Nissan Europe in Paris. As I build the business strategy of my product for each new country, I remember and apply all that I have learned to ensure the success of my product!”

And you? What electives will you choose when you join the International MBA programme?

For more information, download our brochure or contact Jacques Marino at marino@eml-executive.com

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