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The Entrepreneurial Leadership Project

Develop leadership skills and competencies through action


Participants of the International MBA need a tangible way within a real business setting to acquire the competencies they need to complement their existing skill set. That's why they are required to undertake an Entrepreneurial Leadership Project (ELP).

Working on this 7-month project will allow you to immediately put the academic knowledge into practice, allowing you to continuously make the most of your learning experience. The outcome of the ELP may be implemented in the company.


"Undoubtfully, the most exciting experience during my MBA was ELP (Entrepreneurial Leadership Project). Dealing with a real company, solving an urgent business issue, applying theoretical skills to business practice, sharing my own work experience and learning from the team members – my ELP was extremely rich in all respects. Moreover, the findings of this project are fully applicable to my present job." Margarita Bolganova | Russian Graduate | Class of 2011

Some examples of projects

The ELP projects cover many areas of business expertise, whether it be finance, marketing, change management, or the start-up of new activities.

Corporate & Start-Up ProjectsAssisting start-up activities
Analysing the feasibility of a new product development
Searching for opportunities in emerging markets
Analysing internal innovation process

Social & Public Projects
Solutions for inner-cities
Regional economic development
Improving the international scope of public services, museums, airports

Other Projects
Producing opportunity assessments, business plans and pilot deployments
Developping a "shadow management" 

Our sponsors

Changing year after year, and carefully selected to match the class. Some recent companies who have hosted projects are :

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