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Tune your skills and develop expertise according to your goals

Core Courses

Master the fundamentals
Starting from early September, these fundamentals courses last untill December. They enable participants to acquire all basic knowledge that companies expect from an MBA graduate.
During that period various subjects are approached: The Economic Environment for Opportunities - Financial Accounting - Fundamentals and Tools for Measuring/Managing Value - Foundations of Strategic Thinking - Managing Operations and Systems - Managing People to Create Value - Principles of Marketing Management - Strategic Decision Making - Corporate Entrepreneurship - Fundamentals of New Ventures – Microeconomics – Organisational behavior.


From January on, participants can choose to specialise their MBA in conjunction with their individual career goals. Participates can specialise in one functional and one contextual or industry specialisation:

Focus on a functional specialisation

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Strategy

"I chose the specialisation in International Strategy because I wanted a well-rounded business education that would equip me with a holistic view of enterprises when making decisions. I really enjoyed my International Strategy Implementation courses with Andrew Chisholm because he led engaging classes that were highly interactive. His courses were among my best at emlyon business school. This specialisation prepared me for my post-MBA role as a strategic-level decision maker in my company. I was hired specifically to reevaluate the strategy of one of my company's business lines." Aaron Hoyles | American Graduate | Class of 2016

Focus on a contextual specialisation

  • Multinational Entreprise Management (MNE)
  • New Ventures

emlyon business school started analysing and monitoring entrepreneurs in 1984, when only a few business schools had decided to invest the field. With a dedicated Research Center, the first think tank dedicated to entrepreneurship and an incubator ranked # 1 in France, you will learn a lot on how to develop new ventures.

Corporate venturing, start ups, international entrepreneurship, how to contract internationally, fast growing components will be analysed and build up courses contents.
More about entrepreneurship within the full-time MBA.

Focus on an industry specialisation

  • Life Sciences
  • Luxury Business

"I chose to specialise in luxury because my professional background is fashion and luxury and at the time of my application to graduate school, I wanted to return to the industry.  As I was out of the fashion scene for over five years, I knew that it would be difficult to return without a specialisation to justify my absence. We had a number of classes with a visiting Professor who was particularly passionate about sharing the foundations of luxury and history of the design houses that it reminds you of the story telling that still goes along with the luxury industry today. It made me nostalgic of that first time feeling I had when exploring the world of luxury. Since graduation, I have created my own luxury events company and the combination with my past professional experience reminded me the important of what the luxury industry entails. It is not only just having luxury part of your company description, but the service and lifestyle understanding that comes along with the high end clientele." Nyachia Knight | American Graduate | Class of 2015


Participants have the opportunity to select a set of elective courses to deepen their knowledge and customise their MBA.

Example of courses:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Management of innovation
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Crisis management
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Key account management
  • Developing competitive advantage
  • Entrepreneurial marketing
  • Global Capital Market
  • Cost for Decisions...
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