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A unique opportunity to discover new management style

Explore alternate business models with the Learning Trips

emlyon business school offers the opportunity for students to discover management styles of other countries and explore contextual factors.
Each destination has specificities and you will never have the same approach or agenda, depending on the country visited.

Previous Learning Trips have been to Brussels, Stuttgart, Istanbul, Milano and Finland (Oulu and Helsinki).Company visits and classes at partner universities provide you with an opportunity to explore alternate business models and broaden your view of global business in different cultures.

Watch the video highlights from the Learning Trip to Finland in February 2018!


Since 2010, participants go to Finland. Dmitry Eliseev (Russia) International MBA Graduate shares his experience:

"When I found out that the Learning Trip would be organised in Finland I was not very enthusiastic about it. I've been working for a large company with plants and offices in Finland for 6 years before and travelled to Finland on a regular basis so I supposed I know a lot about Finland, Finnish people, culture, etc. But I have to say that my expectations completely changed during the trip. First of all we dealt with a wide variety of business areas: from the processing industry (pulp and paper) to the retail business. Such a wide range of businesses gives an overview about the country's economics and creates understanding of diversity in approaches in different business areas. At the same time we got a huge portion of knowledge about country history, politics and interaction between business, goverment and society that is important for understanding the relations between different kinds of stakeholders in real life. I have also put a note about very warm and friendly relation from the side of all Finnish people involved into the trip organisation. They did really great work in order to organise the trip in an effective and friendly manner."

Professor F. Seidel integrates the experience into his courses Business Cultures and Business Systems, allowing participants to associate what they’ve learned with a firsthand experience.
“So, the Learning Trip serves as a part of that class and is a sort of a field trip for our participants. The MBA students get the introduction first, some theoretical learning, and then they have the opportunity to see what they’ve learned thanks to the Learning Trip. The first key element that students should take away from this experience is to get distance in respect to their own personality and habits: personal and cultural personality because the Learning Trip is a great opportunity to do so. The second point is learning about how to really make diversity not an obstacle, but something very worthy in group work.The last key element of this Trip is to enhance their capacity to quickly understand and integrate into new cultures.”

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