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Frequently asked questions

  • How is this Master of Science distinct or different from other digital marketing and data science programs?

A lot of training courses and Master’s programs focus either on digital marketing or on creating big data experts. It is very rare to be able to combine these two aspects and benefit from a reciprocal and complete learning experience. To do this...


  • What legitimacy does emlyon business school have on the subject and as “the right place to be”?

Research works and the challenges shared with businesses show that the subject is central to the concerns and development of the current and future economy, with unlimited potential. emlyon business school has ...


  • How can I prepare to start the programme and understand the basics? Suggested material:

- Doctor Laurent Alexandre on Artificial Intelligence at the Senate Round Table of 19 January 2017
- Straight talk about big data, McKinsey Quarterly, 2016


If you are still wondering if this program is for you.... here are key answers that will help you decide.

MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science: Program

How can we use big data in business in order to have a positive impact on society?


Why study digital marketing and data science at emlyon business school?

What are the neuromarketing and biomarketing classes?


Can you tell me more about emlyon business school?

Will this degree be recognized outside of the EU?


How do you create the link between digital marketing and data science?

How does this program address issues such as EU privacy laws?


Conclusion - MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science

Three Words Max - MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science


MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science: Admissions


What types of profiles are you looking for in this program?


How many students be accepted? How many from abroad?

Do I need to know French to apply to this program?


Do you require a certain level of math skills to enter the program?


MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science: Careers & Network


What kinds of jobs will I be qualified for after this program?


 Is it possible for non-EU students to work in France after graduation?

How does emlyon business school help students make professional connections?

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