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Campus Channel Webinar – November 19th 2015: Ask your questions about the MSc in International Hospitality Management!

Meet Jeffrey Catrett, Academic Director of Institut Paul Bocuse and the Program Director on behalf of Institut Paul Bocuse, as well as a current student of the program during a 20 minute Campus Channel webinar.

Taking place on November 19th at 3pm (French Local Time), this webinar will help you:

 - Discover the MSc in International Hospitality Management 

-  Experience the program first-hand with a current student

 - Understand what it will be like to be a student of this unique international program taking place in France and China

-  Find out about the network and career opportunities you'll have access to as part of the program

We understand how important it is to you to find the right program that will help you reach your career objectives and we believe that participating in this upcoming webinar will help you in your decision-making process.

  • When?

Thursday, November 19th 2015 at 3pm (French local time).

  • Where?

On the Campus Channel website

You can already ask your questions ahead of the event, via the Campus Channel website… Jeffrey Catrett and Eric Vogler will answer them during the webinar on November 19th!

  • Prefer a one-to-one conversation with us?

Get in touch now with Student Recruitment Manager Viet Anh Vu who will answer all of your questions about the program, the admission process etc.

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