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MSc in International Hospitality Management: Program

The Pitch - MSc in International Hospitality Management


Does this program provide specializations, such as in choosing hotels or restaurants, or is it more general?

What diploma does the program provide?


Do you help us find housing in each city?

What is the international diversity of the cohort?


Are classes at the Institut Paul Bocuse or at emlyon business school?

What is in company project in Shanghai?


Can you tell me more about hands-on experiences?


Who are the teachers?

Three Words Max - MSc in International Hospitality Management

Why is the Asian hospitality market important, and how does it differ from the rest of the world?

Conclusion - MSc in International Hospitality Management


MSc in International Hospitality Management: Admissions

Do we need a specific degree or professional experience in hospitality to apply?

I come from a very different background. Can I apply to the program anyway?

Do I need to speak French to be admitted into this program?


MSc in International Hospitality Management: Careers & Network

How do students usually find their internships? What kinds of opportunities do they usually get?

Does the school have any partnerships with hotel groups or other potential employers?

What’s the employment rate of your alumni and where do they work?

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