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Meet Elisabeth, MSc in International Hospitality Management student

Tell us a bit about your background.

My name is Elisabeth Lichtenegger, I am 21 years old and I have just finished my Bachelor studies in Tourism and Leisure Management at the University of Applied Sciences IMC in Krems which is small city located at the river Danube approx. 70 km northwest of Vienna. I was born in Graz, the capital of the Austrian province of Styria.

As I have great passion for travelling and exploring the world, I already had several opportunities to work and live abroad after finishing my A level exams. After an “Au Pair” internship in France, a language course in England, internships in Switzerland and an Erasmus semester in Madrid, I had the possibility to intern abroad thanks to my bachelor’s curriculum. As I'm passionate about the hospitality industry, I selected a Boutique Hotel in Valencia where I worked for 6 months.  Regarding my personal profile, I may say that I'm quite ambitious and resourceful. I like to approach my objectives directly and if necessary, I'm flexible enough to find new solutions if I see obstacles.

Why did you decide to join our programme?

My dream is to work in the hospitality industry and I’m quite eager to run a hotel. The MSc in International Hospitality Management is a great opportunity to gain important knowledge for my future hospitality career. Furthermore, the possibility of studying one semester in Shanghai and of getting to know the Asian hospitality market and culture was also a reason why I decided to join the program. I am really looking forward to opening up a new chapter of my life by studying in the program and by living in Lyon.

What do you expect from the programme?

It’s particularly important for me to gain knowledge and experience in fields which are highly relevant for high quality hospitality. Hence I’m expecting to further deepen my management, financial, business administration and marketing skills as needed at an international level. Moreover, as the program offers the unique combination of a business school with an institute devoted to outstanding hospitality services, I expect to learn how to run the hotel business in a creative and innovative way. Finally it’s important to me to gain entrepreneurial skills necessary to build strong hospitality models. Last but not least this program is particularly attractive for me because of the opportunity to study one semester in Shanghai, learning about specific cultural aspects of Asia and having the possibility of receiving a double degree.

Three words to describe yourself:

Open-minded, social and optimistic.  

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