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A Comprehensive Learning Experience

The double degree program prides itself with a new pedagogy which adapts courses according to students’ needs and provides a balance of theory, strategic analysis and creativity. The hospitality industry requires perfection and excellence and this customizable pedagogy will allow you to develop the specific skillset companies in this industry are looking for. Furthermore each semester features project-based learning to translate theory into a real-life setting.

Acquire the Fundamentals of Management

Non-credit on-line courses allow students with limited formal training in management or with missing elements to be prepared for later applied coursework.  These courses are managed by emlyon business school.

Solid knowledge in marketing, management, operations management, strategy or finance, is key to successfully navigate the variety of business models that make the global hospitality industry so unique. In addition the entrepreneurial and innovation management skills that emlyon business school is known to provide will help you distinguish yourself in the eyes of your future employer. 

Example of courses:
- Introduction to Financial Accounting & Finance
- Economics
- Principles of Marketing
- Corporate Social Responsability (The online course “Corporate Social Responsibility” is mandatory for all emlyon business school students and should be followed as a regular course during semester 1 in Ecully)

Benefit from specialised and adapted hospitality elective courses

As part of your learning experience and to help you master the complexity and unique structure of hospitality-based business models - part real-estate investment, part business operation, part concept design -, you will benefit from a series of adapted elective courses tailor-made to your academic background and skills.

The program will be slightly different for each student depending upon educational background and past experience in hospitality. Students who want to discover intensively the hospitality world will attend courses with more introductory content in an “accelerated” track. Students with some hospitality professional experience and hospitality diplomas will follow the “advanced” track.  

  • Semester 1 (mid-August or October to December in Lyon-Ecully):
    Alongside the mandatory common courses (French Gastronomy & Culture, Innovation Management, Project Management, Hospitality Entrepreneurship), you will follow one of the two following tracks during your first semester: 

- Courses offered in the "Accelerated track": 4 weeks Professional Immersion module (mid-August to September), Hospitality Marketing Management, Interpreting Hospitality Financial Data, Revenue Management
- Courses offered in the "Advanced track": Diversity Management, Team Management, Strategic Management, Operations Management

  • Semester 2 (January to March in Paris):
    Courses offered: Managing Service Quality, Advanced Services Marketing, The French Experience, Service Design, Finance, The Electronic Marketplace & CRM, Luxury Management, Lifestyle Hotel Management, Service Experience (optional)
  • Semester 3 (April to June in Shanghai): 
    Courses offered: Asian Business Environment, Asian Hospitality Today, Hospitality Asset Management & Business Models, Hospitality Brand Design, Change Management, Talent & Performance Management, Environmentalism & Ecotourism
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