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Everything you've always wanted to know!

If you are still wondering if this program is for you.... here are key answers that will help you decide.

MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: Program

MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: The Pitch


What does early makers means?

Do you organise learning trips and visits with companies?


How are Fashion Weeks incorporated into the program?

Is it possible to specialise in a particular sector?


What do you like best about the program?

What are the particularities of the program on each campus?


What international accreditations and recognitions does this program have?

Who are the teachers? Academics or professionals?


What are courses like? Group work or case study mainly?

What are the skills needed to succeed in the luxury industry today?


Three Words Max - MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

Conclusion - MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing


MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: Admissions


What are the French language requirements to join this program?


How many students do you admit and how diverse is the cohort?

What types of profiles are you looking for?


MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing: Careers & Network


How do you help students build their professional networks?


What kinds of jobs can students expect after graduation and where?

What corporate and fashion industry partnerships does emlyon business school have?


Could I stay and work in France as a non-EU citizen when I finish?

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