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Back to News 21/12/2014

Luxury Careers Week at EMLYON Business School

From workshops and expert panels to internship interviews, the students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing had the opportunity to interact with high-end representatives of the luxury industry and build their professional network during this year's Luxury Careers Week.

The first day of the Luxury Careers Week was dedicated to L’Oréal. The students attended two workshops, “Experiment an Olfactory Journey" and "Create your own product concept", conducted by three Recruitment Managers from L’Oréal and the International Group Manager of the luxury division. In addition to these workshops, the students benefited from individual interviews.

Leading beauty companies Sisley and Coty also took part in the Luxury Careers Week and introduced the brands to the students during Discovery Sessions. They also organised individual interviews in order to discuss internship opportunities and the students’ career ambitions. In 2013, Lily Froehlicher, MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing graduate, landed her internship at Chanel during the Luxury Careers Week!

The last day of the event was conducted by Cartier & Richemont with Discovery SessionsCoaching Sessions and one-to-one interviews.

The students also took part in an Expert Panel on careers in the luxury industry directed by EMLYON graduates working for top industry players: Albane Troude, Junior Project Manager at Cartier, Lucie Socrate, Financial Controller for the Fashion Division of Chanel and Siwen Wang, Brand Manager for Barthelay – Frank Muler Watchland, and graduate of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing.

Each year, the Luxury Careers Week is a big success as many students from the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing network with high-end companies of the luxury industry and start planning their future career.

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