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Back to News 06/03/2014

MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing student gives feedback on the London Fashion Week!

While attending courses at London College of Fashion, the students of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing had the great opportunity to take part in the 2014 London Fashion Week in February. Ludivine Guitard, a student of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing, gives her feedback on the event:

 How did you take part in the London Fashion Week?

"We are currently attending classes at London College of Fashion, part of University of the Arts London, where we focus on four different courses:  visual merchandising, create your own label, product development and theoritical studies. As an integral part of the programme, we had the amazing opportunity to get a closer look at the London Fashion Week, taking place from February 14th to the 18th.


It was inconceivable to us not to be somehow part of this event and we had to show audacity and creativity to get a little closer.  We went in front of the Somerset House, a former royal residency converted into a cultural centre, and realised that audacity is the motto of the London Fashion Week community!  The Fashion shows  take place inside the Somerset House but the real show is definitely outside. Bloggers and fashion addicts want to be photographed in front of the cultural centre hoping they’ll be featured on blogs and in fashion magazines.  Trying to get a moment of glory in order to be spotted by celebrity agents… that’s also what the London Fashion Week is about!"

Our assignment given by our professors was very clear: stand in front of Somerset House, and closely analyse this very interesting and excentric community. We had to take pictures, write our analysis, and create a blog on the London Fashion Week. We also went into different luxury shops and studied how each luxury brand showcased its products during the London Fashion Week. Top Shop for example created a virtual show in the shop front of the store. Clients had to put on glasses where they could truly see and live the fashion shows! We also had the great opportunity to sneak in backstage areas of different Fashion Shows!

What did you think of this event as an MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing student?

Even if we don’t all aim at working in the fashion industry, being able to take part in the London Fashion Week was very interesting, especially for its cultural and international aspects. This event is a great way for us to understand the processes and mechanisms of the fashion industry on a global scale while taking certain historical and cultural elements into account. 

Everyone says that New York is the city that never sleeps but, during one week, London showed us its vibrant energy. The city is a source of inspiration for designers as it relates fashion to contemporary and modern arts and is always ready to welcome new and original concepts!

Some people will see the London Fashion Week as superficial but it truly is a cultural event that puts London at the center of the international stage. It’s not only about presenting new fashion collections and designer pieces, it’s about bringing together journalists, photographers, buyers, experts and industry specialists, craftsmen, and different celebrities ( singers, actors, famous public figures etc…). I really felt a strong dynamic which I didn’t expect during this event. It was an extremely rich experience and I completely sensed the passion, creativity and pride of the designers! Passion drives us and professional will and ambition gives us the keys to succeed in this industry or in any sector of the luxury business environment.

How will this experience be beneficial to your career ambitions?

Most of us see ourselves working in management positions within the luxury business environment and not necessarily within the fashion industry. Regardless of our professinnal ambitions, the data collected during the London Fashion Week will be very useful and an event such as this one reinforces our idea that our career in the luxury industry will definitely be international. I know that my next career move (my internship for example) will have an impact on my professional life and I am convinced, after taking part in this event, that my career will be international. 

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