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Back to News 10/01/2018

Meet Ishpreet: MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing student

Ishpreet is an Indian student, currently part of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing at emlyon business school. She has completed her first semester in Paris and is about to start her second semester in London at London College of Fashion. She tells us all about her experience so far.

"I am an Indian student and trying hard to absorb the cultural shock that Paris gave me (in a good way though). The best part about this programme until now has been the way we are approaching different subjects and topics, which is based on group work gathering students from various backgrounds. The challenge has been to learn how to deal with our differences. 

My favorite course in the past few months has been "Consumer Lifestyle" during which we studied trends and lifestyles.  The most interesting project so far has been to create an Instagram profile of a lifestyle topic of our choice and create a storytelling around it, learning how Instagram is all about how people perceive your personality based on what comes across your profile.

Not to forget the extremely fun and amazing integration week, when we cooked and then had a lavish feast of our own cooked food, ran through the city, had team sport activities, rode a boat that we made ourselves, fell down, got up, competed, and won and lost and everything we never imagined would welcome us in the first week!  

Just reading all this got you pumped up, right? 

Paris has been pretty much a roller coaster ride and I am sure that London and Shanghai await some incredible surprises too!" 

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