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Accomplish Your Dreams in the Industry of Excellence

Michel Phan
Programme Director & Associate Professor in Luxury Marketing

Customer expectations and cultural norms are continually challenging core brand strategies of luxury companies. To maintain the strong brand identities which are at the heart of their global success, luxury organizations must not only continuously adapt to their clients’ demand for excellence, but do so within a time frame that allows them to stay one step ahead of the competition. To build your management career in this challenging business culture, you will need both solid academic knowledge and the capacity to adapt it to this industry’s high standards.

As a broad-based program, the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing will help you identify connections across multiple segments of the luxury industry, allowing you to demonstrate that you possess the industry-specific understanding that future employers seek when hiring managers. In addition, you will benefit from emlyon business school’s proven expertise in entrepreneurship to help you develop the capacity to identify opportunities for luxury products and services within multiple markets and create new combinations of goods for a diverse group of customers.

You'll also discover first-hand how businesses in the fast-paced and highly competitive Fashion and Lifestyle Industry and the Luxury Design Industry operate. Immersing yourself in one of these environments that demand delivery of excellence in a very short time frame helps you master fundamental skills that will be useful throughout your entire career, regardless of the global luxury industry dimension you work in. Furthermore, by studying in Paris, London or New York and Shanghai, you'll experience first-hand how cultural patterns affect the brand strategies upon which luxury companies are based.

If you want to develop the skills required for success in this highly demanding global industry, this is the right program for you.

“I wish the program a great deal of success. I am sure this MSc in Luxury Management will develop the entrepreneurial managers and experts the market needs to help our business thrive worldwide." - Bernard FORNAS, emlyon business school Alumni and Mentor of the program

"When working in the luxury industry, you need to be passionate about what you do and try to constantly achieve excellence. Everything you do needs to be excellent and perfect. Excellent in the process, in the design, in the manufacturing techniques, in the distribution, in your communication skills etc…Excellence is also the most common trait between all luxury brands in this industry." - Michel Phan, Program Director

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