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Learn How To Meet The Needs of A Shifting Global Industry

As the global luxury market’s centre of gravity shifts from the West to the East, from Europe to Asia, so do the business challenges luxury companies face on a daily basis. To successfully develop a career in this industry, it is therefore vital for future managers to establish a thorough understanding of how customer expectations and cultural norms influence the brand strategies that are the basis of success for all luxury companies. The MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing responds to this need, by offering you a true multi-campus, multi-national experience to teach you how to navigate these different business environments.

By studying in three distinct locations, you will develop both a broad view of the global luxury industry as a whole, acquire the specialist knowledge required for success in this industry, learn how to navigate the specifics of these different business markets successfully, and in addition build the foundations for the intercultural competencies that working in a global industry requires.

"The highlight of this program is the international exposure. The opportunity to live in three different countries and to mix and interact with different cultures while running projects allowed me to discover today's global business environment." - Ioannis Z., Greek and Polish, 2013 graduate of the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

Master the Basics and Initiation to the Luxury Industry in Paris, France

Known internationally as one of the top luxury capitals in the world, Paris is also the cornerstone of culture, literature, arts and design where tradition and modernity merge together to create the city's authenticity, prestige and excellence. As such, Paris provides you with the perfect learning environment to acquire a broad overview of the luxury market and trends by taking the basics of general management and the program’s initial level of specialization courses. During the first few months of the program you will learn about the fundamentals of management as they apply to the luxury industry while experiencing first-hand what it means to be part of this highly-coveted sector with company visits, lectures given by professional experts etc.

Distinguish yourself with skills gained in cutting-edge international hubs: London or New York City

London College of Fashion and Parsons School of Design at the New School are at the heart of the fashion, design and lifestyle communities, and recognised as global leaders in fashion education, design  research and consultancy. As such, these world capitals provide the ideal setting for you to master the skill set that plays an essential role in increasing your value to any future employer in the luxury industry, regardless of whether or not it is a fashion or design label.

Should you decide to study at London College of Fashion you will learn how to use fashion alongside historical and cultural practice to challenge social, political and ethical agendas during 7 weeks. Understanding how to manage and respond to business issues quickly, efficiently and without compromising the excellence that is expected in delivery, will make your experience at London College of Fashion a unique asset to your future career.

Intrinsically linked to the constant movement of our global society, the world of design keeps on thriving, allowing designers and artists to constantly spot new opportunities and turn creative ideas into tangible projects aligned with current key trends. Attending classes at Parsons School of Design at the New School in New York City (subject to available places) will allow you to discover the history of luxury design, analyse spaces and products related to theoretical approaches on luxury design, examine sustainable business models and innovation and meet designers, artists, forward thinkers etc. Deciding to study over at Parsons School of Design means immersing yourself in a fast pace and unique environment which advocates for rigor, creativity and diligence all the while acquiring an important set of business skills which you’ll need to apply to succeed in the luxury industry

Get Ready for Tomorrow’s Challenges in Shanghai, China

Asia plays a key role in the luxury industry. Those who choose to work in the luxury sector undoubtedly work with or for Asian-based companies, work on projects involving the Asian business environment, supply from or to the region, or compete against Asian organizations. Learning how to master the business dynamics in this region is essential to your future success in the luxury industry.

During your time on emlyon business school's Shanghai campus, you receive first-hand perspectives on the challenges and opportunities luxury companies face in this region. The In-Company Project, which is an integral part of the curriculum, provides you with a tangible setting to put your newly acquired academic knowledge into practice, allowing you to enter your internship or first job with solid experience.

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