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MSc in Management - Grande Ecole : Student Testimonial

I came to emlyon business school after I graduated from Wuhan University, China. Majored in French literature, minored in business administration, I was fascinated by French culture and wanted to combine this two subjects in my future career. Therefore, motivated by curiosity towards the world and supported by my family, I got the chance to further my study in France in the MSc in Management – Grande Ecole.

I arrived in Lyon on September, 1st, 2016, very excited. Thanks to my thoughtful pre-preparation, I adapted to my new environment quickly - though still a little bit nervous when I walked alone in the street. Besides, as I lived in the student residence near the school, I felt pretty safe and made some new friends coming from China, Morocco, India, Hungary and Republic of Lebanon. They were very friendly and easy-going. As for a series of procedures international students have to go through, such as doing administrative integration, opening new bank account and new phone line, etc... Although likely to take some time, by following the official instruments, they were not that complicated for me. 

 Then on September 13th, my brandly new study path finally began. The first course I took was the Entrepreneurial Business Project  with Professor Philippe SILBERZAHN. It was a new venture creation course with plenty group work. I took this course in French therefore all my other teammates were French. Frankly speaking, it was not easy for me to keep up with their speaking speed, but they were patient and I got used to it gradually. I was so happy that I was then able to assist in developing the project of my group. Afterwards, I also took many other good courses, such as Introduction to cost accounting with Professor Maïté ROUANNE, Introduction to financial accounting with Professor Florence HAHNLEN, Operations and supply chain management with Professor Yacine REKIK, etc... These basic courses covering several aspects of business present the overview of it, deepen my understanding of it, and make me clearer about where my interests lie and what I want to do. 

The Careers Forum organised by the school in January also contributed to my future career plan. More than 100 companies, for instance PWC, EY, Adidas, Accorhotels, Carrefour, Lagardère, Amazon, showed on campus. We were able to apply for positions directly, or just discuss with HRs. I truly benefited a lot from various unprofessional and professional events, like the Careers Forum, held by emlyon business school as well as its student associations. By participating in these activities and being automatically a member of the alumni network emlyon forever, I got many practical information concerning my decision for my future as well as enlarged my social network.

Up to now, I have finished my first year at emlyon business school, and as I mentioned above, the courses in the programme and numerous professional events contribute to my decision for my next move, I have several preferences thus I'd like to continue my study on campus then to start my 12-month internship after all my courses have been finished. With more than 200 courses of diversified fields on the list, I'd like to choose the ones concerning purchasing, supply chain, negotiation and international commerce. In the meantime, as far as I know, many of my seniors and classmates have chosen to do six-month or one-year internship between two academic years, which is a reasonable arrangement for those who have already decided their future career. I really appreciate the personalisation of the programme.

In a word, emlyon business school is indeed a dynamic, well-reputed and entrepreneurial playground for those who are passionate, are equipped with dreams, desire to explore themselves and the world. It is such a fantastic platform where there are numerous talents and chances. For example, if you can speak French, you can apply for a programme called " Jeunes Ambassadeurs" held by l'Association Jeunes Ambassadeurs. It is a regional association. All the new ambassadors are non-French, and each of them will have one local French, guiding them to explore original French culture. Therefore, just do not hesitate to join emlyon business school to become an early-maker.

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