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Back to News 20/12/2013

EMLYON Business School is at the heart of a prominent Sports and Outdoor Industry Region

In a recent article published by nationally renowned sports magazine l’Equipe, the Rhône Alpes region of France is ranked as the number one French region of the Sports and Outdoor Industry.

The region has many assets which, combined, make this region the perfect place for sports addicts. Thanks to 200 ski resorts, various national parks, lakes and rivers as well as a wide variety of climbing and hiking sites, the Rhône Alpes sold 43, 5 million “daily ski passes” to both French and foreign ski enthusiasts who traveled to the Alps to enjoy the high ski season.

Alongside the tourism population, many companies have decided to implement their headquarters in this region, a trend placing the Rhône Alpes at the very top of the Sports and Outdoor Industry in France. Today, this industry is considered a driving force of the region’s economy thanks 250 companies now present across the Rhône Alpes. French Companies such as Lafuma, Rossignol, Babola and Mavic as well as many other outdoor enterprises decided that settling in the Rhône Alpes was perfect as it brought them closer to the sports and outdoor business environment as well as to the consumers.

In 2011, “this sector employed 5800 people and the Rhône Alpes saw a 7% increase in its employment rate between 2010 and 2011”, claims l’Equipe. As it is currently facing a tough international competition, this region decided to focus on innovation and different organisations were put in place to help companies grow their production rates. Among these organisations, l’Equipe talks about Outdoor Sports Valley in the article. This organisation is an official industry cluster and trade association regrouping 80 active members and with the key role to federate, represent, and contribute to the development of the outdoor sports industry.

A key player in the Sports and Outdoor Industry in the Rhône Alpes region, OSV is also the Official Partner of EMLYON’s MSc in Sports and Outdoor Industry Management. This programme provided by a top European business school is a perfect fit for sports and outdoor addicts and because it takes place in Lyon, The Alps (Annecy) and Shanghai, the MSc in Sports and Outdoor Industry Management is right at the heart of both the national and international scene of this ever-growing industry.  

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